An innovative and colorful concept with long lasting value that inspires deeply, based on an in-depth research oriented to the well-being of people, providing a skillful and life changing design.

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KarlaLife represents the passion I have for my work that has given me the opportunity to travel and live in various countries of the world, practicing my entrepreneurship in Architecture and Design whilst selecting energetic, regenerating and colorful products.

My appreciation for research of new technologies and their ancient knowledge has always pushed me forward along with my aim for diversity, my flexibility, and my ability to live and work in multicultural environments. The foundation of my professional development is a revolutionary approach to Interior Design achieved by creating innovative projects and selecting energetic and colorful products from around the world working alongside designers and artisans.

The products are oriented to: “REGENERATION – The transformation of space and wellbeing for all” KARLALIFE

The services are characterized by: “RECONNEXION – The human being at the center of the space” KARLADESIGN


Creativity and innovation are supposed to reflect on the wellbeing of people, as a way to better face global changes along with improving the harmony and wellbeing of spaces and consequently people. I am interested in imaginative inventions that challenge themselves with bettering people’s lives and anticipating future harm; and that can be considered as innovative and timeless.

KarlaLife products contribute to the transformation of space, bringing an increase in the energy level of space and people to provide an implementation of health and a balance between the environment and our living space.


Transforming space and the balance of the 6 senses.

Innovation Products

We’re always looking for innovative products to bring balance and wellbeing whilst using our acquired notions such as Geobiology and fengshui that allow us to better study and analyse our surrounding space.

Drop of life Products

We propose products that aim to provide a direct healthier life and lifestyle. Such as offering ways of revitalising and restructuring water as it is the source of life, and an essential element for maintaining and restoring ones health.

Sound and frequency Products

For centuries, music and sounds have been used for the transformation and healing of human beings such as Gregorian chants in cathedrals or shaman songs in America. We now know that music plays a vital role in our brains. Sounds and frequencies act on people just as much as they act on spaces by balancing the telluric and cosmological influences to the correct beneficial energetic level helping us live in harmony with our environment.

Scent Awakening Products

These are products that help to improve the quality of the air and with the use of natural essential oils sanitises the atmosphere of people. Essential oils have many properties and are active concentrates that heal the body, the heart and the spirit.

Comforting Products

These are products to reduce the harmful effects of electromagnetic fields on health, well-being and the environment. Lemurian harmonizers generate an energy field diffused into the environment with higher light frequencies. they are used for cleaning the environment, air pollution, improving the quality of water and reducing electromagnetic pollution.

Eye Amazement Products

Lighting made with crystals not only provides beautiful objects of illumination, but also helps increase the energetic level or QQchi as called in Chinese metaphysics. Products are selected according to their shapes, materials and colours chosen according to a context and the nature of people who will live in this space.

All for home & Wellbeing

Exclusive Karla Selection Products

Selecting energetic and colorful products from around the world